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We are now officially switching our recommended apps for Windows, Android, and Mac OS to take advantage of the SSR servers and to provide better stability across the network.

We've released video tutorials for the 4 major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Anroid, iOS).


New recommended app: Netch

Old app: v2rayN

Why the switch: Netch adds SSR support, supports TUN/TAP proxying of games and Windows Store app, and is more stable than v2rayN. It also supports automatic server list updates. We've been testing this app for 3 months with no issues.

Mac OS:

New recommended app: ClashX version 1.30.2 and up

Old app: ClashX version 1.30.0 and under, and v2rayU

Why the switch: ClashX added SSR support on version 1.30.2 along with other improvements. We've also simplified the server list to make it more user friendly compared with older ClashX version.

But you said you were dropping support for ClashX? That was before they added SSR support and addressed other similar issues. We have indeed phased out earlier versions of ClashX. If you don't need SSR support, you can stick with v2rayU.

IMPORTANT: When upgrading from an earlier version of ClashX, make sure to UPDATE THE API LINK. ClashX versions are not comaptible with each other.


New recommended app: ClashR for Android

Old app: v2rayNG

Why the switch: ClashR not only brings SSR support, but is also simpler to use and more stable than v2rayN.

IMPORTANT: ClashR for Android is NOT the same as Clash for Android. Clash for Android does not support SSR and uses a different API link than ClashR. They are NOT compatible with each other.

We do not officially support Clash for Android, though you can still get the API for it on your client area dashboard.

What about iOS?

Shadowrocket is still our recommended app for iOS. It supports SSR, is regularly updated, and has been working well for several years without major issues.

What to look forward to in the near future:

  • Official SSR release

  • Pre-configured routers

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