Eclipse (OpenVPN)

OpenVPN is no longer supported since February 2023.

Step 1.

Download the OpenVPN Connect app to your iOS Device from the App Store.

You can use our US iTunes account if you can't find it in your itunes version:

Itunes id:

Password: tgnotKwbp0

If the ID above doesn't work, please message us on telegram or open a support ticket to get an alternative ID.

Step 2.

Get your username and password

  1. Go to this page.

  2. Note your username and password. You'll need it in the next step

Download the configs

Download the .ovpn files from your client area to your device:

  1. Download the "Eclipse" config files

Step 3.

Your selected configuration file will appear. Tap on “Open in OpenVPN”.

Step 4.

If it’s the first time you’re adding a configuration file, the OpenVPN Connect app will ask you whether you wish to import the file. Please tap on “Add”.

If you are asked for your username and password, paste them in from step 2

Later on the following message will pop-up. In this case, please tap on “Allow”.

Step 5.

Tap on the slider and you’re connected.


You can download multiple configuration files and copy them to the OpenVPN Connect app the same way as described above. After that, you can easily switch between multiple servers.

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