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This information is current as of October 15, 2020

Recommended Servers


China Telecom

China Telecom's international connections have been increasingly throttled over the past couple years and this trend will likely continue as demand continues to exceed supply.

Right now, almost no direct connections offer fast speeds. Please use [CHINA] servers for faster speeds.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Korea

  • US Los Angeles (some locations)

China Unicom

China Unicom has the best international speeds of all 3 ISPs in China. International bandwidth is much less throttled and some locations may offer good speeds even when connecting directly.

If you have a choice of ISPs, we suggest getting a China Unicom line rather than China Telecom.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Russia (recommended for north of China, including Beijing)

  • Germany (some locations)

China Mobile

China Mobile's recently supassed China Unicom in total number of users, but with much less total international bandwidth, speeds tend to slow down considerably in the evenings.

Try Germany, or else stick with the [CHINA] servers.

  • All [CHINA] servers

  • Hong Kong 1 & 2 (some locations)

  • Germany (some locations)

Other ISPs in China(GreatWall, etc.)

These ISPs purchase international bandwidth from the big 3. Lines are oversold and speeds in the evenings drop to almost 0.

Some locations may benefit from the [CHINA] servers special routing. If the [CHINA] servers don't give you any kind of speed, then you're left with only 1 option: finding a better ISP.

  • All [CHINA] servers

North America

North America has one of the most developed networks in the world, along with western Europe. Almost any server will provide good speeds, so just pick and choose the location you want.

Keep in mind that servers inside the United States will still perform better.

South America

South American ISPs tend to peer with the US more than between themselves. The main entry point to the US is in Florida and New York, specifically in the NAP of the Americas internet exchange in Miami.

We've recently opened a new Brazil location as well.

  • Brazil

  • Los Angeles

  • Canada


South-east Asia

The two main internet hubs in south-east Asia are Hong Kong and Singapore. Japan and Los Angeles are located near internet exchanges and have good peering to all east and south-east Asian countries.

  • Hong Kong

  • Singapore

  • Japan

  • Los Angeles


India has very poor international bandwidth. We recommend connecting directly to our India server, or to our Singapore server as a backup.

  • India

  • Singapore


Europe has very good peering both between countries within Europe, and with North America. However, speeds to Asia can be slow.

  • Any European server

  • Canada

  • Los Angeles (fast bridge between Europe and Asia)

Middle East

The middle east doesn't have many internet exchanges or datacenters. Most of their lines connect to Western Europe.

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

  • France

  • UK

  • Singapore

  • Turkey


Most of the international undersea cables from Africa are built and operated by European ISPs. Try any European location for the best speeds.

If you are in South Africa, you can connect to our South African server as well.

  • France

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

  • UK

  • South Africa (for South African only)


  1. On Windows, we highly recommend using Netch over SSTap, as SSTap has several known bugs.

  2. Choose one of the [CHINA] for the best speeds and stability if you are in China

  3. Join our telegram group to stay up to date with the latest developments: https://t.me/wannaflixvpn