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YouTube adblock


Usually most people can block Youtube ads on PC/Mac, but have a hard time doing it on iOS.

Option #1: Brave Browser. Open YouTube in Brave. It blocks all the ads. They also have option to load popular adblocks.

Option #2: Vinegar. It's a Safari plugin. The app costs $2. It replaces the default Youtube player with the generic HTML player, and blocks Youtube ads. You can select the video quality to load (bypasses Youtube's default 360p quality on mobile).

Twitch Streaming in China without VPN - You can stream to multiple platforms at the same time including twitch. Some users report being able to upload in 1080p60fps without any drops. Has a free tier.

Gaming OR - UUBooster works well in China to speed up gaming with minimal lag and packet loss. Comes well recommended by our users.

Netflix Catalogue - You can search for a specific movie or tv show and find out which streaming service has it and in which region. Better than Run in-house for our users. - Want to find which Netflix region has the movie or tv show you want to watch? This is the one site for you.

Whats my IP address? - Shows your IP address and location. You can also ping your IP to see if it's blocked in China or not.

Solve Google ReCaptcha and hCaptcha automatically

NoCaptcha extension

IMPORTANT: The organization providing this service has not had any security or privacy issues so far. However, it is still a relative small site and a newly released extension. There is some risk of data collection. Please do your own research before installing this extension, and do so at your own risk.

Description provided by the organization:

How does it work?

        We use state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms by Google, Meta, Microsoft, and NVIDIA AI. When you encounter a CAPTCHA challenge, it is solved on our GPU server farm, and our active learning pipeline automatically and continuously improves the AI.
        Simply put, as more users use our extension, our AI gets better at solving CAPTCHAs. When new CAPTCHA types are added, our AI learns to solve them in real-time!

In other words, it uploads the captcha data to their servers and the captcha is solved remotely. The answer is then sent back to your browser extension. It does not use your CPU or GPU, but does send some data to the cloud.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge:


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