What's new in January 2021?

Well, it looks like the December blog has been well received.

What's new in January 2021?

New Middle Servers

Our old middle server lost it's good international routing so we had to search for alternatives.

We now have 4 routes:

China Unicom 1: Germany 1, UK 1, Russia, India, SSR Germany, SSR UK

China Unicom 2: Japan 1, Taiwan, Hong Kong 2, US 2, Germany 2

China Mobile 1: STREAMING, New York, Canada, Hong Kong 1, Japan 2, Korea, Singapore, Netherlands, SSR Hong Kong, SSR Singapore, SSR Japan, SSR US

China Mobile 2: All Eclipse servers

New Alipay Gateway

We have finally found a new Alipay gateway that also works with non-Chinese accounts so now everyone can use Alipay.

Seems like that will make things easier for a lot of people. :)

New Bank Transfer Gateway

We have partnered with Trustly to provide a secure, easy bank transfer option for those with UK or EU bank accounts (including Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, etc.).

It's almost as easy as paying with your card.

USDT Cryptocurrency Gateway

Advantages over bitcoin:

  • No transfer fees

  • No markup by the payment gateway

  • Shorter transfer wait time (5 minutes vs up to 1 hour for bitcoin)

  • Price does not fluctuate (the price is pegged to the US Dollar 1:1, so no surprises with volatility)

To purchase Tether (USDT), you can use Binance. Register on Binance, link your Visa/Mastercard, and purchase the required amount of Tether. Then, withdraw the Tether (USDT) to our address on our payment gateway.

Make sure to select the TRON blockchain when withdrawing (USDT-TRC20) as withdrawing on another blockchain will result in irrecoverable loss of funds.

Binance supports the TRON blockchain, but not all exchanges do.




May or may not happen, but we'll sure try.

We're always open to suggestions! Send us your suggestions on telegram at https://t.me/wannaflixvpn

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when extending subscriptions before the renewal date for some subscriptions

  • Fixed a bug with the API causing server updates to fail for some users

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