Proxifier 4.05

What is proxifier:

Proxifier captures all TCP traffic from your computer and forces it through the local v2ray/SSR app.

The Portable Edition only captures traffic from apps with a graphical user interface, but the Standard Edition captures traffic from all sources.

Why is it useful?

In conjuction with the v2rayN, v2rayU, or Netch under Proxy mode (TUN/TAP mode will conflict with Proxifier), you can get all apps to work through WannaFlix.


Go to the Proxifier website and download the latest version for your Windows or Mac computer.

Run the installer. When it asks you for your registration keys, enter ULTRAVPNS as the username and the following as key:

L6Z8A-XY2J4-BTZ3P-ZZ7DF-A2Q9C(Portable Edition)

5EZ8G-C3WL5-B56YG-SCXM9-6QZAP(Standard Edition)

P427L-9Y552-5433E-8DSR3-58Z68(Mac OS)

Connect it with your v2rayN/Netch/V2rayU/Clash apps

Open the Proxifier app. Go to Profile > Proxy servers > Add.

For the IP, type:

For the Port, type the port that the v2rayN/Netch/V2rayU/Clash app is listening on. You can find it in the app settings.

Default ports:

V2rayN: 10808

Netch: 2801

SSR: 1080

Mac V2rayU: 1086

For the Protocol, select SOCKS version 5.

Leave the credentials blank.

Important: Do NOT turn your apps on. They are already listening on the local ports by default. Just make sure they are running, but no need to connect to a server.

The only exception to the rule is Netch, which needs to be run on the Non-system proxy mode.

That's it!


No internet

Check that the port is correct and that the v2ray app is running in the background. Make sure the v2ray app is NOT turned on (except in the case of Netch).

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