Quantumult (alternative app)

Updated: March 17, 2021

This app is deprecated as it does not support the latest protocols.

Please upgrade to Shadowrocket.

NOTE: We only officially support Shadowrocket.

However, as some users prefer Quantumult, we've written a tutorial on how to use WannaFlix with it.

Quantumult has not been updated for over 1 year.

The newer QuantumultX app does NOT support v2ray.

Install the App

The Quantumult app has been taken down from the Chinese app store. Use our iTunes account to download it:

find the login and password for our US iTunes account, login to your client area, click iOS, and you'll see our iTunes account login details there.

Search for "quantumult" and download it.

IMPORTANT: make sure you remember your own iTunes account username and password so you can log back into your account after downloading the app.

If the main account doesn't work, please try our secondary account.

You can get our secondary account from your client area dashboard (iOS > V2ray).

Add the servers

  1. Go to your client area dashboard

  2. Under the "Your API Links" box, click on the iOS Quantumult button to copy the API link

The API link should start with https://api.wannaflix.com/apiv2.php?type=quantumult

  1. Open the Quantumult app.

  2. Go to Settings > Favorites

  3. Click "+" on the top right corner, and select "Server" from the popup

  4. Paste the API link in the URL box and click save

To update the server list manually, pull the newly added api link to the left and click 'update'


  1. Click on the round button in the cerner bottom to see the server list and select a server

  2. On the app home screen, toggle the switch on the top right to connect

  3. If it is the first time setting up the app, it will ask you to allow the creation of a VPN profile. Click allow and enter your pin/touch ID/face ID.

  4. Otherwise, you will be connected.

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