For users who install FancySS before January 1, 2022:

From January 1, 2022 onward, v2ray will drop support for the legacy Vmess+MD5 protocol and will not force users to switch to Vmess+AEAD ciphers.

The official FancySS repository is over 2 years old, and does not support Vmess+AEAD. Therefore, if you have installed this version before, your router will most likely stop working. If that is the case for you, then you need to update your v2ray app.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to update your Merlin OS to the latest version (Merlin Koolshare 380 X7.9.1), and install the Shadowsocks.tar.gz file from this GitHub repository (like you did when you first installed V2ray on your router).

380 firmware: https://fw.koolcenter.com/Koolshare_Merlin_Legacy_380/

Latest V2ray-core: https://github.com/cary-sas/v2ray_bin

If you are running a router that is incompatible with firmware 380, for example a router running firmware 384 or 386, you can install Merlin Clash instead: https://mcreadme.gitbook.io/mc/


We do NOT guarantee that our VPN will work with your specific router.

Each router is different. The same model may be flashed with a different version of the OS, and some routers may only support older OS versions which don't work with our App.

Please only purchase a router listed in this guide below.

We do NOT provide extensive customer support for routers.

We only support routers listed in this guide below.

We only provide support for configuration of the V2ray app:

  • Where to put the API link and how to update it.

  • How to setup DNS to prevent DNS poisoning.

  • How to connect to a specific server.

We do NOT provide ticket support for:

  • Flashing your router

  • Installing the V2ray app on the router

  • Exception: If links in this guide are no longer working, you can open a ticket with us to get working links.

However, we do provide this guide in English, as well as links to other resources you can read should you need more info.

We only support Merlin-Koolshare NOT Vanilla Merlin

You'll need to flash your router with one of the firmwares in the links in this guide below.

Additional resources:

FancySS Github - V2ray app repository, links to Merlin-Koolshare download locations [OUTDATED, DOES NOT WORK]

V2ray_bin Github - Latest v2ray app repository for Merlin Koolshare 380

Merlin Clash Docs - Clash for Merlin, for those with Merlin Koolshare 384 and 286

Merlin-Koolshare kernels - All available Merlin-Koolshare kernel downloads

Alright! With that out of the way, let's get started!

Buying Your Router

The v2ray app for Merlin is part of the fancyss app package. It can only be run on a customized version of Merlin, Merlin-Koolshare.

Therefore, you'll need to get a router that can be flashed with Merlin-Koolshare (or that comes with it pre-installed).


  1. Purchase a router that can run Merlin-koolshare

  2. Flash it with Merlin-Koolshare

  3. Download and install the FancySS app package


Please only purchase routers listed below

Running Fancyss_hnd:

ASUS routers: RT-AC86U GT-AC5300 RT-AX88U GT-AX11000

Other routers: NETGEAR RAX80

Running Fancyss_arm384:

ASUS routers: RT-AC68U RT-AC66U-B1 RT-AC1900P RT-AC87U RT-AC88U RT-AC3100 RT-AC3200 RT-AC5300

Running Fancyss_arm:

NOTE: This version of Fancyss is no longer maintained and will not receive updates. Only get a router from this list if you're on a budget.

ASUS routers: RT-AC56U RT-AC68U RT-AC66U-B1 RT-AC1900P RT-AC87U RT-AC88U RT-AC3100 RT-AC3200 RT-AC5300

NETGEAR routers: R6300V2 R6400 R6900 R7000 R8000 R8500

LinksysEA routers: EA6200 EA6400 EA6500v2 EA6700 EA6900

HuaWei routers: WS880

If you don't have a router listed here, please do NOT continue with the guide. It will not work.

Flashing your router

Once you've bought your router, you'll need to flash it with Merlin-Koolshare.


  1. Make sure you already have Merlin flashed on your device

  2. It is recommended to first update your Merlin firmware to the latest version from your router's manufacturer website or merlin's website before installing KoolShare.

Download the KoolShare firmware

Find which version of Fancyss your router supports from the router list above.

For Fancyss_hnd:

For Fancyss_arm384:


For Fancyss_arm:


For EA6200 router, download the latest 7.9.1 firmware here.

Flash your router with KoolShare

  1. Login to your Merlin router

  2. Go to Administration > Firmware upgrade

  3. Click on "Choose file"

  4. Find your downloaded firmware (ends in .trx) and click "Upload"

Enable JFFS

Next, we need to enable JFFS to be able to upload FancySS to our router.

  1. Go to Administration > System

  2. Enable "Enable JFFS partition", "Format JFFS partition at next boot", and "Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs"

  3. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page

  4. Reboot your router

Install the APP (FancySS)

First, you need to download the correct version of FancySS for your router.

Go to the corresponding page below and download the latest version of the shadowsocks.tar.gz file.

The file will have a version number. You'll need to rename it to just shadowsocks.tar.gz

For Merlin Koolshare 380

For Merlin Koolshare 384/386

Use Merlin Clash instead:


Once downloaded, you have to rename the file to shadowsocks.tar.gz

Install Shadowsocks.tar.gz on your router

  1. Login to your router

  2. Go to "软件中心" on the left menu

  3. Click on the "离线安装" tab at the top (see picture)

  4. Click on "Choose File" and select the [shadowsocks.tar.gz] file you downloaded in step 1

  5. Click on "上传并安装"

If you get an error message saying that the package is not allowed to be installed, you need to remove the restriction.

  1. Enable SSH in Administration > System

  2. SSH into your router (you can use putty on windows, or terminal on Mac) and run the following command:

sed -i 's/\tdetect_package/\t# detect_package/g' /koolshare/scripts/ks_tat_install.sh

That is one line only.

See https://hq450.github.io/fancyss/

Add Your Servers

  1. Go to your client area dashboard

  2. Select "Router" > "Merlin" as your device type

  3. Choose "V2ray" as your VPN type

  4. Copy the api link provided

If you are using Merlin Clash, get the Clash API from Clash for Windows in the Windows APIs on your dashboard

Add your servers

  1. Login to your router

  2. Go to "软件中心" on the left menu

  3. Scroll down and click on the paper airplane icon (see picture)

5. Scroll down and paste your Subscribe Link in the box (see pic)

6. Set all the settings according to the picture below

Connect to the VPN

  1. Select a server from the drop-down menu

  2. Toggle the switch at the top of the screen (see picture)

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click "保存&引用"

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