Register your IP address and choose your prefered Netflix region

  1. Login to your client area (https://wannaflix.com/clientarea.php)

  2. Click on your active SmartDNS subscription

  3. Select your prefered Netflix region and click "Update"

You will have to re-submit your IP address each time it changes (router reboots, new location, etc.)

How to Setup LG TV and Players

1. Press Settings

2. Go to Network

3. Select Network Connection

4. Select Start Connection

5. Select Other Network List

6. Choose Set Expert

7. Choose Wired or Wireless depending on how you connect

8. Under DNS Mode select Manual Input

9. Set DNS to

10. Press OK

11. Wait for the Check to complete and press Complete

12. Restart

For newer LG Smart TV models, use the following setup guide:

1. On the main screen, go to Settings.

2. Go into “Network Connection”.

3. Click “Start Connection” and wait for the Network to connect.

4. Once your network is connected, click on “Other Network List”.

5. Click “Set Expert”.

6. Choose “Wireless”.

7. Click on “AP List”.

8. Enter your Wifi password.

9. You should now be seeing a screen called “Connection Settings”.

10. Change 'DNS Mode' to manual and then enter

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