Download and install the vpn app

The installation steps will depend on which device you have and which protocol you want to use.


You can choose between v2ray, Shadowsocks, OpenVPN, and SmartDNS depending on your needs.

For most users, we recommend v2ray and Shadowsocks. All our recommended apps support both of them.

See the article Which protocol to choose?

You will also need an active WannaFlix subscription to connect to our servers.


Netch -- v2ray/Shadowsocks (Recommended)

OpenVPN -- Eclipse (OpenVPN)

SmartDNS (manual setup)

v2rayN -- v2ray

SSR -- Shadowsocks

Mac OS

ClashX (version 1.30.1 and up) -- v2ray/Shadowsocks (Recommended)

Tunnelblick -- Eclipse (OpenVPN) (manual setup)

SmartDNS (manual setup)

v2rayU -- v2ray


Shadowrocket -- v2ray/Shadowsocks (Recommended)

OpenVPN -- Eclipse (OpenVPN) (manual setup)

SmartDNS (manual setup)

Quantumult -- v2ray/Shadowsocks


ClashR -- v2ray/Shadowsocks (Recommended)

OpenVPN -- Eclipse (OpenVPN) (manual setup)

SmartDNS (manual setup)

v2rayNG -- v2ray


Qv2ray -- v2ray/Shadowsocks (Recommended)


Merlin KoolShare

SmartDNS (manual setup)

SmartTV/Media Player

SmartDNS (manual setup)