What are VIP servers?

They are servers with special dedicated lines. As a result, they are much faster and more stable than the normal servers.

How do I get access to them?

Go to this page and purchase a data plan. Then, login to your client area and click "VIP servers" to get the API links. Paste the API links into your apps like for the normal subscription.

Why is data limited?

To prevent overselling of the lines. Otherwise, a small portion of users would use up all the available bandwidth, making it slow for you and everybody else.

What if I run out of data?

Simply purchase a new VIP data plan. Make sure to replace your old VIP links with the new ones!

Monthly plans renew, but yearly data packages do not.

If you get a new monthly package, you may want to cancel your previous one.

Consider combining multiple monthly subscriptions to a single monthly plan with a higher data allowance if you regularly need a lot of data.

How to combine:

  1. Cancel all your old VIP monthly plans (go to VIP servers > select the VIP plan you want to cancel > click "request cancellation" > select "at end of billing period" instead of "immediately", and click SUBMIT)

  2. Purchase a new monthly plan with a higher data allowance of your choosing.

TIP: Purchase a monthly plan (as it's cheaper), and then get a yearly data package for those times where you use up more than the monthly allowance.

What is the difference between the monthly plan and the data package?

The monthly plan renews automatically and resets your data allowance every month. Any unused data at the end of the month is lost. Data is billed at $0.07/GB.

The data package is a one-time purchase. The data allowance does not expire, so you can use it over a longer period of time than the monthly plan. On the other hand, it's more expensive. Data is billed at $0.09/GB.

Should I get the monthly plan or the data package?

It depends on what you need. If you tend to use roughly the same amount of data per month, then the monthly package will be cheaper.

On the other hand, if you don't use a lot of data per month, or if you have occasional large bursts of usage, then the data package would likely be a better deal for you.

In addition, you don't need to constantly check how much data is left with the data package as you can buy a larger allowance up-front.

What happens to my unused data when the monthly plan renews?

When the monthly plan renews, your data allowance is reset. Unused data is not carried over.

Any tips on how to make my data allowance go further?

  • During the day, normal servers perform quite well. So use the normal servers during the day, and keep the VIP servers for the evenings.

  • Don't download large files over the VIP servers unless you need them quickly (for work for example). Use the normal servers instead.

  • Becareful of torrents! They can stay running in the background and can use up a lot of bandwidth. Only torrent on torrenting servers.

  • Other things that can consume data: Automatic updates of large programs or games; automatic backups. It doesn't mean you shouldn't do them over VIP servers. Just make sure you actually want them to. ;)

Does the VIP plan support Netflix?

Yes. We support US, Japan, and Hong Kong Netflix.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We offer a limited 7-day money back guarantee. To qualify, you need to have used less than 20 GBs of data, and it must be your first time purchasing a VIP subscription.

Do I need to have an existing subscription to buy access to the VIP servers?

Yes, you must have an existing subscription. The normal subscription covers customer support, accounting, website maintenance, administrative costs, and other similar expenses that are not factored into the price of the VIP subscription.

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