SSR for Windows

This app supports obfuscation and the Subscribe Link

Download the App

Click here to download the app.

Install the App

  1. Find the downloaded zip file (usually located in your "Downloads" folder on your computer)

  2. Unzip the file (right-click > extract all)

  3. Open the unzipped folder

  4. Double-click on the "ShadowsocksR-dotnet4.0" file (if you do not have the .NET 4.0 framework, then open the "ShadowsocksR-dotnet2.0" one)

  5. If you get any popups or if your antivirus says anything, select yes / allow access / create exception, according to the situation to allow the app to run

  6. Close the program window

  7. Disable the VPN as no servers have been added yet (IMPORTANT). In the bottom right of your screen (also called the tray), you’ll see a paper airplane icon. If you can’t find it, click on the up arrow to show more icons. Right-click the paper airplane icon to show the menu (don’t left-click; it will open the server configurations page). Go to Mode -> Disable system proxy

Make sure you do step 7 before proceeding any further

You can create a desktop shortcut by right-clicking on the "ShadowsocksR-dotnet4.0" file and then going to Send to > Desktop (create shortcut)

Add Your Servers

  1. Login to your client area (

  2. Click on "Manage your VPN Subscription" under 'Your Subscription'

  3. Under the box "Your Subscribe Links", click on the "Subscribe Link" button to copy your link to the clipboard

  4. Right-click on the paper airplane icon in your tray (bottom right corner of the screen) to show the app menu

  5. Go to Server Subscribe > Subscribe setting

  6. Paste the link you copied previously and close

  7. Re-open the app menu (right-click on the icon) and go to Server Subscribe > Update subscribe SSR node (bypass proxy)

  8. You should now see your server list under Servers > Wannaflix

To open the app menu, RIGHT-CLICK on the paper airplane icon in the tray (bottom-right corner of the screen). Left-clicking will open the server editor, not the menu.

Choose a Server and Connect

  1. Open the app menu (right-click on the paper airplane icon)

  2. Go to Servers > WannaFlix and choose a server from the list

  3. Go to Mode > Global to connect

Make sure to disable load balance if it's the first time connecting (right-click on the icon, and disable the option)

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