Kitsunebi (Deprecated)

This app is no longer supported.

Download and install

Click here to download the app.

  1. Find the apk (likely in your downloads) and click on it to launch the installation. Make sure to click allow on any popup that may appear.

  2. Once the app has installed, click "open"

You may need to allow apps from "Unknown Sources" on your phone for the installation to complete.

Add the servers

  1. Go to your client area main page

  2. Click on "Old Control Panel"

  3. Choose "V2ray" as your VPN type

  4. Select "Android"

  5. Copy the api link provided

  1. Open the app

  2. Click on the plus (+) button on the top right

  3. Click "subscription"

  4. Click on the plus (+) button on the top right

  5. Type "Wannaflix" in the remarks box

  6. Paste the api link into the 'url' box and click "Save"

  7. Tap on the refresh icon under 'wannaflix' to update the server list

Select a server

  1. Go to the server list, scroll down and select a server that starts with "V2ray"

Start the VPN

Click on the start button on the bottom right to connect. If there's a popup, click "yes".

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