New Protocol!

Hello everyone!

We are extremely pleased to announce a NEW protocol for China! This new protocol has been developed within the past 6 months and we are among the first (if not the first, we don't know anyone else who has) to make it available for everyone.

We have done extensive testing with our beta group and have ironed all the major bugs. This new protocol is fast, stable, and reliable. Web pages load much faster, streaming is smooth, and youtube plays in high quality even during the evenings.

Here are what some of our beta testers are saying:

"That's quite possibly the fastest result I've ever seen on a VPN."

"Pleasantly surprised. The [new protocol] combo has been really fast and stable."

"I find it very reactive for browsing, even now at evening."

"From high quality video streaming to everyday downloads and web surfing, this new protocol is awesomely fast and stable even during peak hours."

"It has worked perfectly for me today. No slowdowns, cuts or weird problems."

And we are releasing it....


What is the new protocol?

The new protocol is based on a recent fork of v2ray, called Xray. We are running the vless+xtls variant.

All data is protected with the latest TLS encryption. TLS has been thoroughly audited over the past 20 years and is extremely secure. Also, because it runs on true TLS, your connection appears indistinguishable from normal web traffic.

How can I get it?

You can get it right now on Windows, Android, and iOS by downloading the latest versions of the following apps from your client area:

  • Netch v1.8.1 and up

  • v2rayN v4.12 and up

  • v2rayNG v1.5.16 and up

  • Shadowrocket latest version

  • OpenWRT Passwall latest version

Make sure to copy the NEW api links along with the new apps. The new links start with:

Since the new protocol requires the Xray core instead of the v2ray core, only the apps above currently support it. We don't have an officially supported way to connect to them on Mac at this point (although Qv2ray does work on Mac if you download the Xray core instead of the v2ray one). However, the old servers and protocols will continue to be supported, so no need to worry.

To check you are running the new servers, check that the server port is in the 41000 range.


Is Clash/Merlin/etc. supported?

Only the apps above are supported. This new protocol requires the Xray-core to be installed, and only the apps above have implemented it. Any other apps not mentioned in the list will not work at present.

What about the VIP subscription?

It is still using the old protocol for now. If after a couple weeks the new protocol seems stable, we will upgrade the VIP to the new protocol as well. For now, we prefer to keep the VIP servers stable.

I'm having isues installing the new apps and adding the new servers. Where can I get help?

We would highly recommend reaching out via our telegram group chat for the fastest replies.

Final words

We hope this new protocol will give you a much better internet experience.

Please share your feedback with us on our telegram group chat. We always love to hear your thoughts.

And with that...

Happy surfing!

The Wannaflix Team

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