OneClick (Recommended)

Updated: April 17, 2024

OneClick is the recommended app for iOS. It is easy to setup. If you need more advanced options like split-tunneling, you can try Shadowrocket instead. Both apps work equally well.

STEP 1: Download OneClick

Click here to be redirected to the App Store app. Download it there.

STEP 2: Add the server list

  1. Go to your client area dashboard

  2. Select "OneClick" from the iOS Setup dropdown menu

  3. Copy the api link provided

The API link should start with

  1. Open the OneClick app.

  2. Click on the "+" icon on the top right corner.

  1. Click on the "Add Subscription" button at the bottom

  1. Type "WannaFlix" as the name, paste the API into the URL box, and click the checkmark at the top right corner.

STEP 3: Connect

  1. Select a server from the server list

  2. Click the round button at the bottom to connect

  1. If it is the first time setting up the app, it may ask you to allow the creation of a VPN profile. Click allow and enter your pin/touch ID/face ID.

  2. Otherwise, you will be connected.

To diconnect, click the round button again.

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