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About WannaFlix VPN

Is WannaFlix working? (to be done...)


Automatic renewal payment failed (to be done...)
Find your API links (to be done...)
Find your OpenVPN credentials and config files for manual configuration (to be done...)
Get your WannaFlix payment invoice (to be done...)
Purchase additional WannaFlix subscriptions (to be done...)
Renew your WannaFlix subscription (to be done...)
Retrieve or change your WannaFlix email address (to be done...)

Connection help

Can't connect: subscription expired (to be done...)
Register your ip address for SmartDNS (to be done...)
Troubleshoot API connection problems (to be done...)
Why is my VPN always disconnecting? (to be done...)


Mac OS
Get or update apps if not in App Store (to be done...)
No particular issues...
If you have specific issues on Linux, please open a support ticket.

Other Issues

Become a WannaFlix beta user (to be done...)
Uninstall your VPN app (to be done...)
Your connection is not private (to be done...)