New Shadowsocks servers!

We are extremely pleased to announce 6 new Shadowsocks servers for all our users, available right away through supported apps.

These Shadowsocks servers are:

  • [SSR][CHINA] Japan

  • [SSR][CHINA] Singapore

  • [SSR][CHINA] Hong Kong

  • [SSR][CHINA] Germany

  • [SSR][CHINA] UK London

  • [SSR][CHINA] US Los Angeles

All servers support Netflix. We may add additional servers in the future should there be enough demand.

Now you may be wondering...

... wasn't Shadowsocks getting constantly blocked? Wasn't that why we had to abandon it and move to v2ray? What has changed?

I'm glad you asked!

Why we are offering Shadowsocks servers again

Back in October of 2019, our Shadowsocks servers were getting blocked every 2 hours. This was unsustainable as we had to rotate IPs several times a day, in addition to frequent disconnections each time the servers got blocked.

At the time, there was no technology available to prevent the GFW from identifying and blocking our server, so we had no choice but to switch to a different protocol.

This has now changed.

Over the past few months, new technology has arisen that now allows us to better hide Shadowsocks traffic.

We are now using this technology on our servers, and this allows us to bring back Shadowsocks to you.

So how does this new tech perform?

How Shadowsocks performs now

We have been beta testing this new technology for the past month, and I am very happy to say...

It's really good.

Connections don't drop nearly as often as v2ray, webpages are more responsive, and streaming is smooth.

Therefore, we recommend that you try them out as soon as you can and benefit from Shadowsocks' performance.

How to get the servers?

To get the new Shadowsocks servers, you'll need an app that supports the ShadowsocksR protocol.

Here is a list of apps that do, along with links to guides:

All of these apps support both v2ray and ShadowsocksR, so you can have all your servers on a single app.

These apps have been tested and are performing well.

Therefore, we will start recommending these apps on the dashboard instead of v2rayN, v2rayU, and v2rayNG, which do not support the ShadowsocksR protocol. You can still continue to use the v2ray apps if you prefer. The guides, APIs, and downloads will still be available for all of them.

If you already are using one of the apps that support SSR, the SSR servers have now been added to the API links. Update your server list from the API to get them.

What about the VIP servers?

Great question.

If the feedback for the new Shadowsocks servers is positive, we will be rolling out Shadowsocks versions of all the VIP servers.

So please let us know how the Shadowsocks servers are performing and keep a lookout for those new VIP servers soon.

Final words...

Well, that should do it for today's announcement.

Please know that we're always looking for ways to improve your internet quality, and if anything new comes up that will improve our service, we'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks again for your continued support! We really love the community you've helped build with us, especially on telegram.

And thanks to all our beta testers who took the time to use the servers and give us constructive feedback. Your help was invaluable and much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to open a ticket with us, or send us a message on our telegram group. We're always available for you.

We hope you have a very happy Monday!

The WannaFlix Team

P.S. We've added a page about which protocol to choose, and which app to choose. You'll probably find them really interesting.

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