Many third-party modded OpenWRT designed for the Chinese market are pre-installed with Passwall.

To see if your router will be installed with Passwall, please contact your router provider before buying it.

We only provide instructions on how to setup Passwall with WannaFlix. We do not provide instructions on how to install Passwall on your router if it isn't already installed.

  1. Login to your client area dashboard

  2. Go to Setup for Router > OpenWRT Passwall

  3. Click "Copy the API"

  4. Login to your router and open your Passwall app

5. Go to the Subscribe/节点订阅 tab

6. Click Add/添加 and paste the API in the URL box

7. Tick the box to enable the API

8. Click Save & Activate/保存&应用

9. Click Manually update server list/手动订阅 to pull the servers from the API

Automatically update the server list everyday

  1. Tick Enable automatic update/开启自动更新订阅

  2. Click Save & Activate/保存&应用


  1. Go to the Basic Config/基本设置 tab (it's the first one)

  2. Tick the "Enable" option

  3. Select the server from the drop down menu

  4. For UDP and Socks option, set it to connect to the same one as the TCP server

5. Leave the rest of the options as they are

6. Click Save & Activate/保存&应用

You should be connected

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