Clash for Windows

This app uses the Clash API Link instead of the Subscribe Link

Download the App

Click here to download the app.

Install the App

  1. Find and run the downloaded file on your computer

  2. Go through the installation steps

You can usually find it in your downloads folder

Add Your Servers

  1. Login to your client area (

  2. Click on "Manage your VPN Subscription" under 'Your Subscription'

  3. Under the box "Your Subscribe Links", click on the "Clash API Link" button to copy your link to the clipboard

  4. Open the Clash for Windows app on your PC

  5. Under Profiles > Download remote configuration file, paste your API link and click "Download"

Choose a Server and Connect

  1. In the Clash for Windows app, go to Proxies > Rule, and choose a server

  2. Go to the General tab and tick "System Proxy"

Make sure you select a server under Proxies > Rule and NOT under Proxies > General

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