Eclipse (OpenVPN)

1. Download the app

Download the app and install it.

2. Download the configs

    Go to this page.
    Download the "Eclipse" config files and save them in C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

3. Get your username and password

    Go to this page.
    Note your username and password. You'll need it in the next step

4. Connect

Start the app.

Run the openvpn app (you can do a search in the search bar for 'openvpn').
Go to the tray. It's at the bottom right corner of your screen; there should be lots of small icons there.
Right click on the OpenVPN icon (if you can't see it, click on the small up arrow to reveal more icons).
The icon looks like a computer with a lock on it.


Select a server, and click "Connect".
If you don't see any servers, click "import file" from the openvpn menu, and select the .ovpn file you downloaded in step 2.
A pop up will appear. It will ask you for your username and password from step 3. Paste them in.
Wait for it to connect and enjoy the internet.
To disconnect, right click on the icon, select the server you're connected to, and click "disconnect".
Last modified 1yr ago